I am general litigator. I have 30 years experience and am trained to provide advice and advocacy across many court types. I have developed specialist skills in the public law, local government and resource management fields because I find that work interesting and I have undertaken work for local authorities for most of my career. I like exploring the way physical, biological and social sciences, intersect with policy and law.

I also enjoy accounting, economic and business based problems. I work with others in multi-discplinary teams using in-house CA and economics expertise. 

I have developed considerable appellate experience as shown by my recent cases in the menu bar of this site.

My chambers is barristers.comm in Legal House at the corner of Lambton Quay and Ballance Street , Wellington and I work throughout our great little country.

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My terms of engagement can be found here


We do things to achieve a purpose. Identifying your aims, needs, concerns and values will guide the best action steps and methods to employ.

The critical matter to address at the start are the goals.


Advising clients how to avoid pitfalls and make informed decisions. I provide that analysis using a wide range of  decision-making  frameworks  but let you, the client, decide the pathway of your choice. I am willing to give you clear "what would I do in your moccasins" advice. 


Advocacy is not only the persuasive presentation of the case. It starts with the development of the concept of justice pursued in support or defence of the case. The next step is the  selection of the  evidence to align with that concept.

I work in all Court jurisdictions and also engage in ADR including arbitration and mediation

ADR has three main advantages. It is faster than government sponsored justice. You get to choose the decision maker so you have confidence in the analytical skills of the person making decisions. It is generally less formal.   Therefore, in many situations ADR  is a great way to resolve a dispute.